7 Important Pieces of Protective Gear That All Lacrosse Players Should Own

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7 Important Pieces of Protective Gear That All Lacrosse Players Should Own

7 Important Pieces of Protective Gear That All Lacrosse Players Should Own

12 January 2015
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Because the sport of lacrosse is a highly physical activity that has the potential to result in significant injury to players, it's very important that those who play this sport have the proper protective gear. Following are seven pieces of protective equipment that  all lacrosse players should wear at all times while on the playing field.

Chest Protectors

Chest protectors are small, lightweight vests that guard against chest injuries among lacrosse players. Because of the size and angle of lacrosse sticks, the chest is particular vulnerable to being hit by flying lacrosse disks. Chest protectors used to be bulky and cumbersome, but they have become substantially more streamlined in recent years.

Shin Guards

Lacrosse shin guards are designed to protect the shin of goalies from being damaged by rubber lacrosse disks as they speed over the goal line as well as to protect the shins of players on the field from being hurt by swinging lacrosse sticks. These sometimes extend to protect the knees as well as the shins.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are one of the most important pieces of protective equipment that a lacrosse player can own because an encounter with a rapidly moving lacrosse disk can easily result in the loss of several teeth if it strikes in the right spot. Mouth guards need to be customized to fit each individual player's mouth. This is accomplished by heating the guard using hot water and molding it in place in the player's mouth.


The game of lacrosse involves many short stops, twist, and turns, making proper footwear essential for maximum safety. Cleats ensure that players have the necessary traction to navigate complicated maneuvers. Cleats also prevent strains and sprains by providing players with ankle support.

Eye Guards

The eyes are another vulnerable area those on lacrosse teams need to guard carefully against harm. Goggles that equipped with individual eye protectors eye shields should be worn by lacrosse players at all times.

Throat Guards

Throat guards will protect the player's vulnerable throat areas from becoming damaged by flying lacrosse disks. These are sometimes combined with chest guards.


It should go without saying that any sport that involves swinging sticks and flying disks should require all players to be equipped with a good helmet.

As you've probably noticed by now, participation on a lacrosse team involves the use of some serious protective gear. It's recommended that lacrosse players purchase their sporting equipment from specialty retailers (such as Breakaway Lacrosse) that focus primarily on providing top quality gear in order to ensure maximum safety.


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