Try Different Crankbait Lures To Produce Different Results

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Try Different Crankbait Lures To Produce Different Results

Try Different Crankbait Lures To Produce Different Results

13 November 2020
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Experienced anglers have sizable tackle boxes because they know that owning a wide selection of lures is integral to being able to catch different fish in different conditions. If you've recently gotten into this outdoor sport and are slowly building up your tackle box, one type of lure that you'll want to purchase is crankbait. After you cast a crankbait lure, it moves in a swimming-like motion as you reel it back in. This movement should catch the attention of a fish in the area, and you'll ideally be able to get lots of action. It's a good idea to buy a variety of crankbait lures, including the following styles.

Different Lip Sizes

One of the defining characteristics of a crankbait lure is that it temporarily dives lower in the water when you begin to reel it in. The lure makes this motion because of a plastic "lip" that extends out the front of the lure. When you shop for crankbait, you'll see that there are many different sizes of lips that are available. As you might expect, a lure with a small lip will react differently in the water than a lure with a long lip. Namely, the longer lip will cause the lure to dive deeper. Don't be shy about trying lures with different lip sizes to see what type of movement is most appealing to the fish you're trying to catch.

Articulated Vs. Non-Articulated

Some crankbait lures consist of one solid body, which is typically painted to look like a small fish. Other crankbait lures are articulated, which means that the lure's body is divided into several individual sections that are secured together with metal hardware. When you reel an articulated crankbait toward you, its design will result in considerably more movement. Ideally, the movement will be more noticeable under the water, which may help you to attract more fish toward your area.

Colors And Design

Visually, a crankbait lure is designed to mimic a small fish, which is why it can be very enticing to larger fish. When you browse the selection of these lures at your local fishing equipment retailer, you'll notice a broad selection of options. Some crankbait lures have a silvery finish, while others are greenish, orangish, and several other hues. It's a good idea to buy lures that have different designs and color combinations to see which type yields the best results for you.

For more information about different types of lures and fishing equipment, contact a local sporting goods store.

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