Fishing Boat For Sale: Inshore Fishing Accessories

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Fishing Boat For Sale: Inshore Fishing Accessories

Fishing Boat For Sale: Inshore Fishing Accessories

16 November 2021
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If you're looking for a fishing boat like a Gheenoe for sale, finding the right boat with the perfect inshore fishing configuration and accessories can be worth the time and effort.

Here are some inshore fishing features and accessories you should consider when looking for a fishing boat for sale.


The transom is where the motor is mounted on the stern of the boat. If you're hoping to do some serious inshore fishing, it can be helpful to find a boat with the right type of transom and transom mount.

  • Width: finding an inshore fishing boat for sale with a wider transom increases your mounting options, which can be critical when fishing on a smaller boat. For instance, if you find a fishing boat for sale with a wide transom, mounting a trolling motor and outboard motor can be an option. This configuration is particularly important if you're fishing on a narrow boat like a Gheenoe or small skiff, as it might be impossible to mount a trolling motor on the bow of the vessel.
  • Height: most inshore fishing boats have a flatter profile to allow for a shallower draft to navigate skinnier waters. This flatter profile, however, can lead to a shorter transom height. This limited height can reduce your boat motor options, which limits your choices to smaller, weaker motors. Before you purchase an inshore fishing boat, it's important to consider the range and speed you'll need to access your favorite fishing spots. If the boats for sale you're considering do not have sufficient transom height to handle the motor you need, then you may want to consider looking for boats with greater transom height.
  • Mounts: the transom mount is one of the most important, but often least thought about, features of an inshore fishing boat. When considering the transom mount on an inshore fishing boat for sale, it's key to look for a mount that allows for maximum maneuverability and variable prop height. Essentially, the transom mount should be able to swivel and move vertically. Many inshore fishing boats do not come equipped with adjustable transom mounts, but looking for a boat with one of these types of mounts can drastically improve the performance and versatility of your boat.


Because most inshore fishing boats for sale are likely to have limited deck space and storage, finding options with rail mounts can help you add pole holders, transducer mounts, and other important fishing features. Although these rail mounts are not expensive, it can be difficult to install them correctly.

For more information, contact a fishing boat dealer in your area.

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