Three Factors to Consider When Evaluating a Used Boat

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Three Factors to Consider When Evaluating a Used Boat

Three Factors to Consider When Evaluating a Used Boat

19 January 2017
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A boat is always a major investment of both time and money. Not surprisingly, opting for a used boat is a popular way for people to reduce the expense of this purchase. In order to make sure that you choose a sound boat, there are several features that you should inspect as you evaluate the vessel. 

Inspect the Upholstery

Upholstered seating is a common feature on most modern boats. Unfortunately, upholstery can develop numerous forms of wear and tear over the course of time that may compromise its appearance and comfort. While many people may not assume that replacing a boat's upholstery will be a serious task, it can be surprisingly expensive. This type of upholstery is specially engineered to be resistant to both the water and the sun's harsh rays. In order to avoid needing to make a significant investment in your boat soon after purchasing it, you should make sure that the upholstery is free of discolorations, tears, and signs of fraying. If you are determined to buy the boat despite these problems, make sure that you attempt to negotiate the cost of repairs off the price of the vessel.

Have the Engine Inspected

For those that are wanting to buy motorboats, it is critical to have the engine professionally inspected before you make this purchase. These engines can be extremely complicated, and they are subjected to intense conditions. This can make them susceptible to a number of different types of damage. In addition to having the engine inspected, you should also request the maintenance logs for the vessel so that you can look for patterns of neglect or repeated repairs. These steps may seem extreme, but a damaged engine can be extremely expensive to replace while also posing the risk of leaving you stranded.

Look for Mildew on the Sails

Sailboats are another popular option for individuals that are wanting to buy a boat. When considering a particular sailboat, you should make it a point to thoroughly examine the sails. More precisely, you will be looking for mildew and rot. The sails can be extremely difficult to replace, and if they fail while in use, they can pose a safety hazard due to cabling falling. Replacing the sails is a cost that will need to be considered. Fortunately, there are boat service professionals that can perform this repair in a matter of hours, which can greatly reduce the inconvenience that it causes you.

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