Why a Longboard Is a Great Option Over a Normal Skateboard

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Why a Longboard Is a Great Option Over a Normal Skateboard

Why a Longboard Is a Great Option Over a Normal Skateboard

20 January 2017
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Riding a longboard-style skateboard is an exciting option for skateboard enthusiasts. Here's a short explanation of how a longboard differs from the common skateboard, followed with some specific tricks and uses that make them beneficial to own.

What Is a Longboard-Style Skateboard?

Longboards are a longer and wider version of the common skateboard. The greater length and increased width allow more foot space than customary boards, which helps riders balance. Longboards also have bigger wheels that provide better traction plus better stability. Some longboards even use what are called trucks, car-like axles that give riders a great deal more control.

Because of the wide axles and larger wheels, longboards are used for competitive downhill races, and riders are able to exceed speeds of 50 miles per hour. Riders can also coast for longer periods on a longboard, and that makes longboards excellent for street riding and commuting.

The wider board allows riders to successfully land more difficult tricks, plus the extended rear wheelbase improves maneuverability. While longboards are a favorite among seasoned skateboarders, using them is also an excellent way for an inexperienced rider to learn or master new skills.

 Why Ride a Longboard?


Longboard's cruising capabilities—they can coast for long distances—makes them an excellent choice for commuters. While riding a bike to work is an economical and environmentally conscious mode of travel, sometimes finding a place to safely secure a bicycle is difficult. A longboard, on the other hand, offers the same basic benefits but tucks under your arm and can be stored under your desk or in a locker.


If you are trying to perfect your tricks or improve your skill level, a longboard is a great way to improve your skateboarding talents. The wider base is more forgiving on jump maneuvers, and the extra length makes jump-type tricks easier to master.


The original idea behind the longboard was to gain speed in downhill competitions. Adjustments to the wheel size and axle width improved stability, making a longboard safer than a standard skateboard, and increased the rider's ability to reach higher speeds.

This wider wheel base also gives a rider better control of the skateboard. With the extended length from front to back, riders can perform airborne tricks with more accuracy. Finally, the larger landing area makes any of the various airborne landings easier to complete.

A longboard add some flexibility to your skateboarding options and have some very practical uses. If you long for the thrill of downhill skateboarding speed, have a thirst to improve your board skills, or just want to cruise cool to work or school, consider getting yourself a longboard. You can research and review longboards online or at many sporting-goods stores. 

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