Make Sure Your Young Child Is Ready For Football Cards In These Ways

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Make Sure Your Young Child Is Ready For Football Cards In These Ways

Make Sure Your Young Child Is Ready For Football Cards In These Ways

8 February 2017
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Young children who enjoy watching sports may also enjoy collecting cards related to their favored sports. If your child is an avid football fan, football cards can be a perfect choice for a new hobby. You can buy various packs and boxes online and give them to your child as part of his or her allowance, or just for fun. Because football cards can be a good investment, you want to wait until your child is ready for them — otherwise, the investment will get damaged and no longer be worth anything. Here are some ways to assess that your child is ready to begin collecting football cards.

He/She Can Open The Packs Correctly

It may seem like a small detail, but determine your child's ability to open a pack of football cards can indicate whether he or she is ready for this hobby. As children age, their dexterity improves. A younger child may have trouble opening a pack of cards without twisting and bending it, which could end up damaging the cards before they're ever revealed. As a child gets a little older, however, he or she should have the fine motor skills to carefully slip open the pack and slide the cards out.

He/She Can Take Care Of The Cards

Because of their value, football cards aren't something that a child "plays with." The fun lies in opening packs and putting the cards in protective sleeves or a binder for safekeeping. If your child is at an age at which he or she wants to put the cards in a pocket and carry them around all day, or throw them around the living room, it's not quite time to introduce this hobby. Conversely, if the child will be happy to take care of the cards by protecting them and displaying them, it's a positive sign.

He/She Can Count And Read

In order to store the football cards correctly, your child will need to be able to count. The cards are all numbered, which makes it easy to put them in sequential order for a child who can count. Likewise, it's handy if a child can read, as he or she will be able to glean lots of information off the short descriptions on the rear of each card. In many ways, collecting cards can be an educational tool, giving children who are novice readers a way to include reading in one of their hobbies.

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